André Leon Talley – New York

I had the pleasure of working with Mr. André Leon Talley during New York Fashion Week 2014.  These were for a series of interviews and a shot for Numéro Russia. André_Leon_Talley_Vogue_Saam_GabbayIt was a thrill to see ALT in action, supremely quick and sensitive.  Like being in a jazz improv jam session with a tornado! Loved it.  For DMA / Sam Sohaili.  John Morgan producer.

The best ringtone / morning alarm for iPhone

Wanna wake up without having your heart race from your iPhone alarm sound? Test out Chicken Dream Alarm (Link only works on iPhone / iPad).The_Best_iPhone_Ringtones_Alarm_Saam_GabbayIt’s a transitional alarm that starts out in the woods with the sounds of birds and a far-away rooster which slowly lead to sounds of the city and children playing in the playground.  Some reviews: “A glorious way to wake up!”  ”My cat effin’ loves it!!” “This is the best iPhone alarm sound I have ever heard!”  ”My favorite iPhone alarm, period!” I’ll be posting more on iTunes soon, under the artist name Gabbay.

note: ringtones and alarm sounds are only browsable on your device and are not available on the desktop iTunes as of this writing.

CBR Print & Digital Campaign Photography

Thrilled to have teamed up with CBR, a remarkable company that is dedicated to enhancing human life. CBR is a leader in stem cell science and they pioneered cord blood collection and storage.   Saam_Gabbay_CBR_Children_PhotographyOur recent shoot was organized creative mayhem, with kids, clients, crew and agency running around the set together.  The photographs are part of CBR’s campaign for 2014 including their upcoming website, print and digital communication.Saam_Gabbay_CBR_Homepage_WebsiteSaam_Gabbay_CBR_Photography

For Cord Blood Registry: Tia Newcomer, Peter Bawin. Agency: The Brooklyn Brothers, NYC.  Credits:  Sasha Wyroba, producer.  Saam Gabbay, photographer.  Thank you to the amazing crew above for helping do over 40 setups, including ones with crying babies, and keeping it beautiful!

Steve Martin & Edie Brickell

Having an intimate moment with uber-talent Steve Martin back stage while he was tuning his banjo.  Moments later he unleashed his formidable chops along with the Steep Canyon Rangers and Edie Brickell.Saam_Gabbay_Steve_Martin_Tuning_BanjoThe PBS special will premiere this spring.  I was lucky to see the behind-the-scenes Steve, ultra-focused, discerning, perfectionist.  He is a force.

GoPro + Porsche

A night shoot with the GoPro Hero3 Black Edition became photo of the day and went on to be published in “911 Love,” an epic 50cm x 50cm book about the history of the Porsche 911.  Photos and stories  by racers, owners and photographers including Walter Rohrl, Jeff Zwart, Chad McQueen, and Jerry Seinfeld.Saam_Gabbay_GoPro_Porsche_911_993Porsche 993 on the 10 Fwy east.  Hero3 Black Edition controlled by the GoPro App.  GoPro went on to run another image from that night and use it in their marketing for the camera’s low-light capabilities.Saam_Gabbay_Porsche_911_GoPro_993

CBR Family Stories: Connelly, Low, and Murfey

I had the privilege of running around the grass with these two remarkable children.  Laird and Peyton.  Each had an unbelievable life challenge and both had their cord blood collected by and stored at CBR.Saam_Gabbay_CBR_Laird_Murfey_Stem_Cells Their families share the incredible stories of their recovery and the use of the stem cells they transfused from CBR as an essential part of their strategy.  I am so humbled to have had this opportunity and to be able to tell the story of these graceful families.Saam_Gabbay_CBR_Peyton_Connelly_Stem_CellsCredits: Alessandra Pasquino, producer.  Susan Barnes, editor.  Incendio, colorists.  Damian Wagner, composer.

Carolina Health System: Cam Newton

Photo shoot for Carolina Health and Cam’s involvement in spreading the news about fitness habits. Carolina Panther’s QB Cam Newton is absolutely Awesome in person, as in a person that evokes awe.Saam_Gabbay_Cam_Newton_Training_Carolina_Health-2738 I’ve always loved photographing athletes. Cam is playful and hilarious and at the same time has such poise, strength and skill that he’s a force when he’s standing in front of you.  And a gentleman. Saam_Gabbay_Cam_Newton_Training_Carolina_Health-3413

SocialMediaLink / Smiley 360

SML are enablers that provide an awesome platform where product mavens are encouraged to freely express their views about the products they love and use.  They invited us in to help branding a new product.  Their executive team and marketing people live the company’s open and inclusive values.  It made our discovery and ideation session a true delight.  They’re up to something very unique and useful, check them out.Saam_Gabbay_Social_Media_Link

Google Now

Teamed up with the heroic people at Left Field Labs in Venice to create animated plates for Google Now, showing the various scenarios where a user could take advantage of the digital soothsaying service. Saam_Gabbay_Google_Now_Left_Field_LabsCamios by a couple of Ritte CX bikes.  Credits: Alessandra Pasquino, producer.  Shannon Hamblin, coordinator.  Saam Gabbay, director/photographer.

Levy Tran

Studio shoot for the ah-mazing and delightful Levy Tran.Levy_Tran_Saam_Gabbay_Shoot A Better Way

I directed a series of spots with real people about their car buying experience, for  The spots were focused around the frustration and stress of car buying by men and women and this particular one seemed to strike a nerve. Saam_Gabbay_TrueCar_A_Better_Way_CommercialIt’s called “A Better Way” and it was based on extensive data TrueCar had collected around car buying headaches and stereotypes.  The spot was opined on by NBC, HuffPost and a whole lot of other outlets.  Data begs the question, “Is the truth sexist or authentic?”

Credits: Alesandra Pasquino, producer.  Arlene Nelson: DP.  Saam Gabbay, director, camera.  For DW+H:  Jennifer Parke, ECD.  Lucas Donat, ECD.

Petrolicious: Alfa Romeo Giulietta SZ

I was lucky to direct one of Petrolicious’s first videos, about the rare and beautiful Alfa Romeo Giulietta SZ.  There are thrills and there are thrills.  This was a visceral one,  first because of the feelings that the shape of the thing elicit, and then the sound, the gorgeous sound through the canyons of Malibu.  Thank you Petrolicious.Saam_Gabbay_Petrolicous_Alfa_SZCredits: Afshin Behnia, creator of Petrolicious. Anthony Rimicci, racer and master builder.  Josh Clason, editor.  Saam Gabbay, Director / DP.

Kiersted Systems Brand Refresh

Legal-tech veteran Kiersted Systems approached us last year to help rebrand the company. We had the opportunity to work with a fantastic client and help update their look and feel.Deliverables included identity, style guide, stationery, booth design and displays, marketing material and website.  The team included Deanna Goodwin, Michael Clarke and BaoQuoc “Wok” Doan on ID, design, and coding.

Ritte Women’s Cycling Team

Spencer Canon’s had me under water chasing a cyclocross bike, pretending to be …um, a European film director, and a carbon fiber frame painter.  I don’t say no to Spencer because it’s always going to be fast and fun. Saam_Gabbay_Jen_Kyle_Ritte_CyclesWe teamed up to shoot the Ritte women’s cycling team sponsor book.  And it went viral.  Even though these things are typically seen by a handful of sponsors, The PDF saw 40,000+ downloads in a couple of weeks and created the regular maelstrom of impassioned comments about women in cycling.Saam_Gabbay_Kelli_Samuelson_Ritte_Cycles

Women Empowered: The Indianapolis 500

A couple of images for you from our two week shoot in Indianapolis and the Indy 500 with DW+H and TrueCar / TrueCar Racing. The company is working on a most ambitious initiative with its all-female racing team  and the drivers are responding with success and podium finishes.  We’ve been documenting it. The teasers for the documentary clocked over 400,000 hits on YouTube at launch on Indy weekend.  You can watch one on the TrueCar home page.  Stay tuned for some beautiful footage and sounds.For DW+H, Lucas Donat is CEO and chief creative along with mastermind Jennifer Parke. Robby Schaeperkoetter is creative, design, and camera.  Elizabeth Espat is producer. Alessandra Pasquino produced live action.  I am director, photographer.


Traktor + Wieden + Stride Gum = Nonstop Fun.

Nonstop as in the pure fury of amazing moments created by Director / Maestro Ole Sanders of TRAKTOR and MC Richard Ulfvengren’s team.  It took a late night of trampolining in TRAKTOR’s back yard to finally drain all the adrenaline out of our bodies.  Yes, it was that fun to work on “The Ex.”  You want proof? Just check out the beginning of the wrap party.  It’s the only part of the night we can legally show. The boys teamed up with the Wieden London office to create magic and mayhem.  The full spot is here, with a secret spot due out very soon.For Weiden, Ben Shaffery, Max Batten and Sam Heathe were pulling creative punches. Thank you Anna Smith for a remarkable and thrilling production.  Carlos Battilana created the Stride Gum website.  I was photographer.

Portfolio Course / Cal Poly

I had the thrilling opportunity to give a lecture about some of the things they don’t teach you in school to the students of Cal Poly SLO, and look at some of their remarkable work.  Sitting in a circle and dialoging about the future.“I asked Saam to come and speak with my portfolio class at Cal Poly.  He blew them away with his knowledge, experience, and openness. His teaching style of engaging, asking questions, and interacting with the students got them thinking about their photo careers and life in general in a very different and innovative way.  They will never be the same.”   Sky Bergman, Department Chair.  You can look through the lecture notes here.

Woodshop and Goodby make temples of toast

Yes, that’s a doggy bowl.  And a bottle of hot sauce.  And the beautiful woman is none other than Goodby’s brilliant ECD Margaret Johnson doing the hard work on their groundbreaking SONIC campaign over at Woodshop.

Teaming up with Trevor and Sam, Goodby did magic by creating a mashup of motion graphics + design + humor and food.  I was there to document the mouthwatering madness and shot this piece for them.  Sprinkle some patented Trevor quirks and knowhow, and you get an amazing campaign for Sonic.  (side note, Sam, Trevor and I are born on March 25, 26. and 27.)  Watch the whole piece here.

humphrey bogart brand book

Stuff we didn’t know about Humphrey Bogart: He was in the US Navy, he was United States Chess Federation tournament director, he played chess with GIs stationed abroad, and the FBI was reading his mail because they thought that the chess notation was secret code.  These are some of the remarkable things we learned about Bogie while we helped create his brand book and book of quotes in collaboration with Robbert J. F. de Klerk and Orange Equity, LLC.  Details are here.

Steve Jobs

Steve_JobsThank you, Steve.

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