I’m Saam Gabbay. I make make spirited, human-centric content for brands and agencies.
While I was growing up my mother would tell me, “Saam, stop filming everything!” My aunt would usually follow that up with “You should be a doctor!” I knew doctoring wasn’t for me: my superpower was creating things that delighted the people around me. So I filled my days with cameras and musical instruments and motion graphics software. And in the years since, I’ve created campaigns for beloved brands, including Apple, RedBull, Samsung and BMW. I think my family is starting to come around.
The world’s most valuable brands hire me because my imagery and content is unique, intimate, and connected. Then they hire me again because I’m accountable for my work. Whether I’m shooting film, photographs, directing, or flying a drone, I treat every project as a mission. I help build an environment of trust and collaboration with clients, elevate and maintain the energy of a set, and create a feeling of openness and ease with talent.
I distill and simplify a complex production by understanding the nuances between improvisation and planning, leading and supporting, and when to apply each. 
If you are interested in discussing project details, client experiences, or to say hello, please send me a note.


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Saam Gabbay Director Photographer Venice